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DANIEL SHARMAN > Just Jared x REVOLVE Dinner in Malibu, july 19.

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omgkiesy said: "Hello dear plzz follow me"

yeah sure! :) followed!

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Antonella’s comment and Thiago’s face , when he saw this photo 

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Marco complimenting himself 

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Morgan rewatches OTH and turns into an emotional mess:

2x17 Something I Can Never Have

HALEY: Hi, this is Nathan and Haley Scott, please leave a message… or… not.
NATHAN: That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard. 
HALEY: Shut up, it rhymed. I like it!  
NATHAN: [Deletes the message.] Oops!  
ELECTRONIC VOICE: Message has been erased.  
HALEY: Oh fine, let’s just do one together, okay? 
NATHAN: Wait a minute, isn’t that something only really cheesy couples do?  
HALEY: Yeah, well we are a really cheesy couple, mister. 
NATHAN: Good point.  
HALEY: Okay. Hi, you’ve reached Haley- 
NATHAN: -and Nathan, I live here too.  
HALEY: Yes, Nathan lives here too because we’re married! 
NATHAN: And, uh, we can’t get to the phone right now because we’re, um…  
HALEY: We’re having sex? I mean, just, we’re having really- 
NATHAN: Okay…  
HALEY: -hot sex. Oh! Oh, we’re still on. Uh, leave a message! 
NATHAN: And uh, we’ll get back to you when we’re done!

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villains weekfavorite villain song
↳ ”mother knows best” 

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has it

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Anonymous said: "2, 4 & 7?"
  •  2. Why did you start supporting your team?
    - boring story. they were on my tv and i fell in love. i knew Cesc played for them so i was instantly hooked. knew they were amazing.
  •  4. Favourite team from La Liga.
    - Real Madrid. but i dont really watch La Liga.
  •  7. A team you hate.
    - tottenham hotspur ew

bornandbredinwhiteandred said: "10 12 15 16 and 19 :)"
  •  10. Best player in the world?
    - Messi no doubt, but i don’t like him.
  •  12. Which football boots are your favourite?
    -not an expert in this category haha
  •  15. Best match you’ve ever watched.
    - answered :) Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona!
  •  16. Favourite football chant.
    - And we’re Aaaarsenal, Aaarsenal FC - we’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen!
  •  19. Best football trophy?
    - World Cup!!!